Take Control of Compliance Risk with
a Trusted, Full Service Partner.

Together we will develop deeply motivating
compliance marketing and training programs.

bCompliantTM App Suite

The Hub of All Things Compliance.
Think of it as the Compliance Optimizer.

“Compliance Velocity (GHD) has excellent project management skills and are wonderfully creative.
They have always met or exceeded my expectations,
which is why they are one of our valued partners”

- Robert Posch, Merck

“I have worked with Compliance Velocity (GHD)
for over 10 years. Miriam and her team hit it out
of the park each time, even under great challenges
like short deadlines and tight budgets.”

– Elise Fellner, Schering-Plough

“Compliance Velocity (GHD) delivers
milestones on time and with high quality.
Their project management skills always helped
to keep our complex, global initiatives on target.”

– Jennifer Benitez Alcaraz, Schering-Plough

Making Compliance and Integrity Standards Clear and Actionable Through Marketing that Works. Fast!

Compliance Velocity has dedicated itself since 1997 to helping pharmaceutical companies and medical device makers and other industry leaders, develop and implement successful compliance programs. Compliance departments turn to us for positive and effective compliance training programs, multi-media materials, and events that speak to reps in their own language.

We help you motivate, not dictate. We create the human connection necessary to empower employees to discern the most ethical and integrity-based action to take no matter what situation they are in.

The result: reps become more sure-footed in the field, despite the ever-changing rules and guidelines, because they know that doing the right thing is essential for business success.

Compliance Velocity partners even more deeply by bringing exceptional creativity and multi-level communication skills to legal requirements, so compliance policies are heard, understood, and acted upon.

Total Focus. Total Service. Total Care.

Compliance Velocity can help you with any size project, from smaller single-focus projects to enterprise-wide compliance campaigns. Compliance is our focus, it is our business, and we understand the importance of creating a quality, customized and client-centered program. With our support, you take a proactive, rather than reactive approach to the full range of compliance activities.

We’re different because we know how to help you bridge the gap between the Compliance Department and the people in the field. We bridge that gap, unlike many other consultants, because we take a multi-level and humanistic perspective, not just a legal one. We bring every possible resource and motivational tool at our disposal to meet your goals.

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Introducing the App Suite that Makes Staying Compliant Easier, Faster, and Smarter.

  • Helps improve accuracy and accountability.
  • Demonstrates your department’s partnership with your reps.
  • Shows the reps your company’s commitment to Ethics,
    Values and Compliance.
  • Shows the reps your company’s commitment to their
    professional image.
  • Builds reps’ confidence and trust that they have the resources
    to be compliant and more effective.

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For more information on our parent company, please visit: www.ghdweb.com

For more information on our parent company, please visit: www.ghdweb.com